John the Ripper

Because there needs to be at least one more John the Ripper tutorial out there.
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This is probably one of the most ubiquitous programs for cracking passwords out there, but I'll try to go into a little more detail than the average JTR tutorial.

df -k to figure out where the drive went
Looks like it already popped up.

see the drive
Point yourself to windows/system32/config

dir change
bkhive system /root/hive.txt
bkhive is used to extract the system's boot key.

To each iteration of Windows is a unique boot key that is used to encrypt a different set of hashes created by the user passwords before they are stored in the SAM database.
Try and read that sentence again while looking at the graph. Then it might make sense.


samdump2 SAM /root/hive.txt > /root/hash.txt
This uses the system key we got above and the SAM database to reconstruct the user created hashes.
find the hash
Here you can see the output
john /root/hash.txt -format=nt2
Now to kick off John The Ripper and wait for results.

You can see that it created a directory at /root/.john you can monitor john.log while you wait for the results to appear in john.pot
Like so many others, this password popped in less than a second, a four character password, all numeral.

Please note the alternate john prompt. I have added the options -users and -w, short for wordlists.
You can specify for john to only work on one user account, and you can use custom wordlists to help speed up the process.
Dictionary > Brute Force.